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Be Sure.

The world’s first agricultural tire evaluation application.

* Requires iOS 7.0.2 or higher

Could Save You Thousands

Misevaluated tires and tracks on equipment trades result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of realized loss to dealerships each year. Don’t be a statistic.

Vast Ag Tire Catalog

TreadSure® has Ag tire data from over 30 major tire manufacturers, 400 tire models, and over 1,200 different sizing options.

Fast and Easy

No need to guess on the tires. Measure and calculate tire life remaining in a matter of seconds.

Tire Data Simplified

Determine tread life remaining in seconds

TreadSure® compiles agricultural data from dozens of popular tire and track manufacturers and puts them all into one easy-to-use application on your phone or computer.

Enhance your Equipment Listings with TreadSure Reports

With the new TreadSure Reports feature, you can now include all tire information and life remaining values on any online equipment listing.

One picture, complete tire transparency

TreadSure Reports are generated in a JPEG format and can be easily uploaded to your internal software tools or the equipment listing.

Pictures of tires are deceiving, but the TreadSure Reports aren’t. Improve the accuracy of your equipment valuations by never leaving tires to a best guess again.

Allows you to enter information for up to 12 tires or tracks and assign their positions respectively on your machine.

Interested in trying out TreadSure Reports?

Get 5% more for your used tire trade-ins

TreadSure mitigates risk of misvalued tires. So much so, we’re willing to bet on it. Get an extra 5% premium value on your next used equipment tire trades.

Powered by Dawson Tire & Wheel®.

Set up a call with us to learn how you can take advantage of all TreadSure benefits.

Surprisingly Simple

TreadSure® gives users a fast and simple three step process to include accurate tread wear into their equipment evaluation process.

Customers’ Feedback

Hear first-hand what others say about the TreadSure® mobile app and how their businesses have benefited from its implementation.
Measuring tire tread is not something I’ve thought much about in the past…It was a great reminder that there are still a lot of areas for more data-driven approaches. Very simple but useful innovation!

Tim Hammerich, Future of Agriculture Podcast

TreadSure has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes to determine the remaining tread percentage on used inventory coming in.

Cody Bebensee, Receiving Manager

Clean and easy to use app that has helped me realize the value of my Ag tires so I know what to expect when trading in my equipment!

Peter Viscola, Canola Producer

The process of measuring tread height and getting an accurate measurement is very important. I know for myself and the other inspectors, that part of the inspection has always been a pain, to not only measure it, but to find the correct specs. I think this App has gone a long ways to solve much of the frustration.

Wayne Hittel, Pattison Ag

Troubles with TreadSure?

Find answers to common questions other users have submitted to the TreadSure® team.

What’s new with the TreadSure 2.0 update?

You may have noticed some changes to the TreadSure app with our latest update, but don’t worry all existing features of the app are still available and more! With this latest update, we’ve released new premium features for our users to get even more value out of their tire evaluations. Want to learn more about TreadSure Pro features? Be sure to reach out to us.

How do I contact TreadSure®?

You can reach us by clicking the envelope in the navigation at the top of this page and using the ‘Quick-Contact Form’ or by emailing: info@TreadSure.app.

Is TreadSure® available on my computer?

Yes! We understand that some people prefer to do their equipment evaluations on a desktop rather than their phone. Check our new TreadSure® web application at https://web.treadsure.app.

I used the Tread Calculator but do not have an option to send myself the results.

Correct. The Tread Calculator only provides in-app data. You should see an option to “Add To Form” from which you can add up to two email recipients. If you are a Pro user, you will see the option to “Add To Report” or “Start Trade-In” if you would like to download or send your tire evaluation results.

When I submit my Form, why is it asking me if I want to get a trade-in value?

We understand that tread life remaining is only one piece of the puzzle, sometimes it helps know what your tire is worth. With being powered by Dawson Tire and Wheel, we give you a simple way to quickly get a trade-in value of your used tires. When you submit a form, select “yes” for getting a trade-in value and your tire form will also be sent to a Dawson Tire rep to get a value back to you in no time.

I cannot find my specific tire listed.

You can select “Not Found” as an option at the very bottom of the drop-down. You may also reach out to support, and we will do our best to get your tire data included into database.

Does TreadSure® have data for Ag tracks?

Yes! TreadSure® can also provide remaining tread life of tracks on equipment evaluations. If you can find the track tab in the app, check out our track evaluation video.

I have received the email with my tire data, what does it mean?

The email contains the “Tread Remaining” for each tire entered on a TreadSure Form. While there are other factors to consider such as weather checking and stubble damage, the “Tread Life Remaining” will help you better determine the value of your tires.

Press About TreadSure

Read what others have to say about the TreadSure® mobile app and the advancement this brings to the agricultural tire industry.

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Informational Resources

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