Be Sure.

The world’s first agriculture tire tread depth app that could save you thousands on evaluation

* Requires iOS 7.0.2 or higher

Could Save You Thousands

Misevaluated tires result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of realized loss to dealerships each year. Don’t be a statistic.

Vast Ag Tire Catalog

TreadSure® has Ag tire data from over 30 major tire manufacturers, 400 tire models, and over 1,200 different sizing options.

Unlock Your Tires Data

Quick and easy access to real-time data about the current condition of one or more Ag tire(s) on your machine.

Multi-Tire Capability

The ability to position/value multiple Ag tires on a machine simultaneously.

Easy To Use

Intuitive design makes adding your Ag tires to an evaluation form a breeze.

Tire Positioning

Assign front/back, left/right, outside/middle/inside positions.

Multiple Mailer Engine

Directly send data from TreadSure evaluations to up to 2 separate recipients.

Surprisingly Simple

Free to download from both the Apple® App Store and Google® Play Store. TreadSure® puts industry-leading Ag tire information at your fingertips.


No account creation required. Simply download and begin evaluating your agricultural tires immediately with the TreadSure® Tread Calculator mobile application.

Clean Graphics

Pictures and diagrams make it easy to navigate through the tire evaluation process.

In-App Help

Various “Help” icons throughout the app to provide assistance where it matters most.

Available on Apple® and Android® Devices

Treadsure® is available for download on most Apple® iOS and Android® devices from your phones app store.

Get Started In Seconds

Always Improving

We’re just getting started! New features and updates will be coming

Multiple Mailer Engine

Send evaluations directly to up to 2 recipients

Concrete Security

Security is important, that’s why we don’t store any personal or customer data

TreadSure In Action

Get a glimpse of the TreadSure® mobile app at various stages of the tire evaluation process. Clean and easy to use, that’s TreadSure®.

Manage All Your Tires Easily

Whether you have 1 or 12 Ag tires, TreadSure® has a solution for you. Listed below are the two main processes you are able to complete on TreadSure®. Learn the key differences between each to make an informed decision that is best for your specific use.

Tread Calculator

Perfect for quick access to information on one tire.

New Evaluation Form

Allows you to enter information for up to 12 tires and assign their positions respectively on your machine.

An App That Could Save You Thousands

TreadSure® puts money saving information in the palm of your hand to help you properly evaluate your Ag tires. This could result in thousands of dollars saved when used appropriately. It is like having a tire expert in your pocket!

Available on iPhone and all Android devices running iOS 7.0.2 or Andriod KitKat or newer